Better Health&Care For the Common Welfare

Lately I had been speaking for an Atlanta area hospital that serves a sizable percentage of indigent individuals to the manager of community outreach. The point was well made: When the service can’t be paid for by all the folks utilizing the hospital, where does the cash come from? Just like local governments lifting every stone they can, expecting to discover a revenue flow underneath it, hospitals now are made to do something similar.

Let us set aside for a minute the disagreement about who’s not and who’s assured, and illegal immigration, as well as the myriad other variables; the windup is hospitals around the state being forced to treat individuals rather than get paid for this.

It is exactly the same with authorities – nobody wishes to pay taxes, but the fire department bloody well be here in a Brand New York minute when my home is on fire. This expectation extends to the authorities, road upkeep, paramedics… the list continues on.

And oh, incidentally, can I possess a gain in addition to this, please?

Among the huge changes now underway in the hospital system nationally is the unavoidable move into a paperless system. And yes, there are a few bugs to be worked from the system… secrecy problems, to begin with.

People and I argue all the time just how much of society does not need to do their own thinking is ignorant, behave like cows, and normally only do not care. I believe the issue is a lot more essential: It Is called overwhelm. I believe much of the people today -year-long economic malaise, discover themselves. So, enormous problems with numerous sources to factor in (health care is an excellent example), need a little breathing space and somewhat of random access memory in the human brain, simply to arrange the data. Like computers that process when their RAM is maxed out and bog down, the same occurs for us as individuals.

Now, nobody goes to Walmart or Kmart anticipating to not pay (shoplifters excluded). Small business owners I understand, in addition to big corporations, go on the integrated assumption that if their services are used by somebody, they receive pay for this. Part of it’s simply because they treat people – cable TV, not cars, or computers.

In this instance, the hospital is attempting to expand its range of services, train and engender a more healthy workplace people locally, and in exactly the same time function as place of destination if and when clinical treatment is needed by those workers.

All this is accentuated by the incipient rise in speed and the quantity of change. Other than a few fundamentals, like how infants are born and made, as well as the necessity to breathe and eat and drink water, a lot of the remainder of what we have begun to understand as life itself is utterly and entirely up for grabs. Including how and where we reside, work, socialize and relate to every other… name any important element of life, company, or making that technology hasn’t completely turned upside down on its ear in the past five years.


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